Hello gentlemen, welcome to my site and thank you for taking an interest in me. Forgive me, first and foremost, if I have been unable to respond to your emails in a timely manner. As many of you know, , we are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey.  Well, a bit about me...I am very, very low volume and I tend to be particular (some would say) about who I choose to spend time with.   My screening process is not very  intrusive but I rely primarily on the impression I get on the phone.  I prefer the company of professional gentlemen types who do not haggle, politeness of course is a plus but also, a man who knows what he wants and knows not to ask certain questions on the phone to find out.  In other words, the intellectual gentleman who takes time to do research via reviews etc.    (to find out if I am what he is looking for) is definitely a plus.  Well, I enjoy what I do first and foremost and yes, most people would say I am a people pleaser. I truly love what I do and love the adventure aspect of being an adult service provider. Just knowing that I can make your day gives me a rush like none other. I do have to warn you however, that after a rendezvous with me (whether day or night, my place or yours), you will have this grin on your face making people who see you wonder why you cannot stop smiling. If this suits your fancy, give me a call. I do recommend calling if you are the spontaneous type and if you are  planning a rendezvous for a few days in advance,  then feel free to email.  Pampering and pleasure is what I do best and love. With that being said, I look forward to meeting you...Kisses!