A little bit about Sabine LeClair.  She is whip-smart and wickedly sexy; yet there is a palpable immediate sense of her class, exclusivity and discretion. This gives you the freedom to explore, relax, decompress and enjoy yourself and your desires.   


    Sabine's  sense of humor and generosity of spirit will change your perspective and your priorities, creating a sense of exhilaration and joy that allows you to leave your day-to-day worries behind. She offers you the upscale  VIP experience where you can live the fantasy and forget your outside work week worries while building a long-term friendship. .     Even though she is very sought-after, She never treats you like a customer. In fact, you will probably forget that it is a service your compensating her for as she is very sensual, sweet,  extremely accommodating yet very humble and down to earth.  


She calls Houston her home but goes wherever  she is  hired to go as a private companion. This does however require notice as this is not all that Miss LeClair does for a living. Like you, she has 9-5 responsibilities as well which also enables her to be a little more particular of the caliber and quality of people she decides to see.  The best part about it however, is she owns  her 9-5 small business  and can generally leave her job site to step out for a little morning, lunch. evening  and sometimes late evening - early morning adventure.  Just the taboo nature of sneaking out of her  socially acceptable line of work to make your day is very exciting and sexy to her. 


When she thinks about taking a break to have a naughty rendezvous, she compares it to a superheros alter ego.Then after she has"made the day" for someone who needed it, she goes back to her normal reserved suburban woman life in the city. She could be the lady next door to you or  the lady in the store shopping for groceries. ..Just imagine.    The inimitable integration of a keen intellect,  physical beauty, and quality company has made Sabine the first choice for those who want to ignite imagination experiencing the truly extraordinary. It’s the unique balance between the energizing and the relaxing that she loves to share with you…for the love of companionship, fantasy and exploration.    Sabine is all about the pampering and enjoys this very much. 


As a person, she is considered to be the upscale VIP girlfriend whenever you need her to be  who knows, understands and respects your need for discretion. Unlike some ladies out there, she knows not to call you when you are not with her as these are the actions of a desperate woman which no man wants.  She is there only  when you need her to be and enjoys providing you with that smile that never comes off your face for the entire day making everyone in the workplace wonder, "why can't he stop smiling,"


One thing Miss LeClair prides herself on is a non-rushed session where you never have to fear being ripped off or rushed.  You are in a safe, peaceful environment and as soon as you see  she greets you with a big hug, asks you if you would like a refreshment which is just a small iota of the southern hospitality she is known for but in order to find out just how amazing her company can be, you could drop her a text.   


   Miss LeClair prefers text communication at first as this is the fastest way to get in touch with her. Once you have confirmed a booking, feel free to call Sabine LeClair  provided you did in fact fill out the booking form correctly. However, if you missed spots or are uncooperative with any type of screening she will more than likely insist on text communication. If your emailing me and expecting a  response sooner than today, that will be almost impossible. Texting allows her to be notified right away and she is able to talk back with you in the event she is not in a place that she cannot speak with you.    


  If a hot time with a sexy, classy upscale GFE companion is what you seek then text me. Please understand that discretion is something I understand and that is one reason, I am reluctant to respond to phone calls with anything other than a text at first. The only thing is  I ask if that you respect my time and never try to haggle me or act like you did not see the donation requests page of my site.  Please understand that when our time is up, I have to go unless you are extending the session. I do not clock watch and have been known to extend appointments by up to ten minutes for no additional donation requested  for those in need of time to freshen up etc. If you can do these simple things, and understand that my safety is first, then we are definitely on our way to a beautiful friendship. Well, until we meet...kisses!